Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Top 7 Slimming Foods for Summers to Stay Happy and Hydrated

Your body never requires more fluids than in the summer. While summers sound pretty exhausting and uncomfortable to some, it is the perfect time to lose your extra pounds that you would have had great difficulty in getting rid of for quite some time. You should use the opportunity not only because your body’s response to slimming foods will be much more tolerable and also because you will find a lot of food sources in the market which are not available otherwise, such as several fresh fruits and vegetables. There is no need to either starve yourself or deprive your taste buds of pleasure to get slim.

This is why you should consider the following 7 of some of the best foods for summer to design your weight loss plan.

One of the foremost slimming foods for summer is salads. The greatest thing about salads is that you have an immense variety to choose from. You will have all the fruit and vegetable supplies in summer necessary to prepare them as well. You can check options such as a Mediterranean Salad, a Macaroni Salad and a Chicken Caesar Salad for options which will sate your appetite and will also fulfill your need for low calorie intake. A Mediterranean Salad is prepared using elbow macaroni and is low on fat. With all these salads, feel free to add yogurt or mayonnaise to your taste. In the case of Chicken Caeser Salad, improvise your own low fat salad dressing and you’ll be fine. In case of the coleslaw dressing, use low-fat mayonnaise. A tropical fruit salad is always a great summer option any day.

Banana Berry Smoothies
Want something sweet and energetic without feeling guilty about a lot of fat calories? Banana Berry Smoothie is a healthy and natural drink, which you can make by blending bananas, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries in yogurt. Using adequate amount of the required fruits in 12 oz of yogurt will offer you 4 servings. The good thing about this beverage is that it can provide you with a lot of energy without containing too much fat. The best thing about going for this option is that it features almost all the nutrients that you would want to have in a balanced diet, including carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

If there is one fruit that could really make a difference to your weight loss plan for summer, it is watermelon. During summer, when your body will be perspiring regularly, you would need a lot of fluid to make up for the loss and a lot of energy at the same time. No food source better than watermelon can fulfill that need while also delivering health benefits and allowing you to avoid heavy calories. Watermelons are a rich source of Vitamin A, B6 and C. Watermelons are the best sources of Lycopene among fresh produce, an antioxidant that will promote your health by resisting the risk of oxidation. With a watermelon, who needs dessert?

Grilled Lean Meat, Burgers and Kebabs
Can’t do without meat? Well who can blame you? You should have protein in your diet or you would really be torturing yourself. Curried Fish Kebabs or Grilled Chicken are delicious and healthy slimming foods for summer. Sea food offers you quite a few nutrients that you would not get otherwise and it is a good idea to include it in your diet. However, that could make you thirst even more, but you don’t have to worry much about that. You can also cook low fat burgers using extra-lean ground beef with whole grain buns. If you want to go a little far with your carnivorous adventures, you can even use fat-free and lean pork chops. Make sure you keep meat separated from other food items during preparation in the summer and store it frozen.

Vegetable Soups and Saute
Let it be salads or cooked meal, vegetables are an integral part of a healthy and balanced diet. This option is indispensable for vegetarians, apart from salads and fresh produce. Options like a chilled cucumber soup could really prove refreshing in the summer, offering just 1 fat calorie for a real treat. Ingredients for the soup include Greek yogurt and fresh parsley, onions, garlic, mint and cucumber. If this may not satisfy your appetite, going for a Melon Mango Soup could offer a mouthwatering prospect. Want to go higher on fat and eat something delicious? Try a Summer Vegetable Saute made up of a couple of cloves of garlic, zucchinis, baby spinach and grape tomatoes cooked in olive oil with crushed garlic, lemon juice and pepper.

Low Fat Cheesecake and Fruit Desserts
You may not associate cheesecakes with summer slimming foods, but when made in the right way, they will prove just right for you. Everybody loves something sweet and who can resist a delicious dessert after your taste bud long for something like that right after dinner? You can make your very own low far summer cheesecake by using ingredients such as low-fat cottage cheese, wafer cookies, softened light cream cheese, softened fat free cream cheese, eggs, a cup of sugar and cooking spray. You can dress the cake with fresh strawberries. While such a cake will have no less than 61 fat calories apart from those of other nutrients, it is still just enough to keep you slim and fit. As a contrast, a fruit cake featuring dried fruit, orange juice and three quarters cup of dark brown sugar will offer you only 22 fat calories. You should revisit your weight loss plan and calorie tracker to see if it fits in your summer diet plan. In any case, fresh fruit desserts are always an option.

Fruit Juices and Other Natural Produce
It is almost a no-brainer but fruit juices are by far among the best foods for summers. While there is no need to follow a liquid diet for your summer weight loss plan at all, you would feel much better gulping down these energetic yet low calorie fluids. Fresh juices can prove to be the most effective slimming foods for summer. Use fresh fruits and vegetables regularly as well. Green leaf vegetables are the most nutritious and the summer is a great time to capitalize on this great food source.

These suggestions should offer you a general idea about the best foods for summer that will keep you fit and healthy, and which could help you lose those extra pounds. However, feel free to experiment with the categories in order to have some variety and balance of all the nutrition elements to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. If you are too particular about calories, then find a free calorie calculator online and check how adding one element or the other sum up the total calories you are taking in. Be particular about keeping a balance of all the nutritional elements and you will enjoy your food this summer without feeling guilty or doing time with an empty stomach.

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