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The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

There are numerous benefits that go with the consumption of coconut oils, God in his infinite mercy and love for humanity hide many things in nature but gave us the grace to uncover them if we desire and go in search of it. For it is written, “ask and it shall be given unto you”. Only reason the white nations seem to progress ahead of black nations all over the world is that they ask questions and always want to know things and take steps to go on genuine research to get the answer to their question and do not give up until they get the result.

The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Where as black nation are blesses with abundant resources but lack inquisitive mind hence their backwardness, only very few black are able to break this barrier and are making wave worldwide. For example, coconut tree is abundantly available in Nigeria, but how many Nigerians know it health value? The answer is negligible few.

If our people knew the health value of coconut, most of the health problems that leads to death could have been completely avoided. Our people import drugs and health supplement all over the world, but what could have effectively solved their problems are just at their backyard. Most of the health problems our people travel abroad to spend millions for can be solved with simple things that may not cost up to five hundred Naira. Some times when people come to me, the way I solve their problems leave them in a state of amazement. Sometimes they ask me, is that all? It is time to re-educate our people about what nature has in stock for our well-being.

Numerous Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps in fighting parasites. Coconut oil is very effective in destroying the most troublesome parasites. Research has proven that giardia, fungi, other protozoa cannot survive in the presence of MCFAs in the human body. Consuming coconut oil and other coconut products on a daily basis is an effective means of destroying these parasites before they establish a base in your body, at the same time preventing other side effect of these parasites such as food allergies, chronic fatigue, arthritis and other related prblems that may go with it.

On the other hand, if you are affected already, taking coconut oil with all your meals will provide a quick relief within few days. For instance, taking at least one and a half table spoon of coconut oil along with each meal or consuming coconut directly or foods prepared with it will relief you of chronic fatigue within few days as coconut oil (MCFAs) are quickly absorbed by the tissues and converted to energy without altering the blood sugar level.

Coconut oil is a natural antibiotic. Scientist in the field of medicine have used the antibiotic to fight bacteria and save lives for over 50 years now. It was good in the sense that many who could have lost their lives were saved, unfortunately the use of antibiotic to fight bacteria did not go without some side effects.

To worsen the matter, the moment an antibiotic is developed to overcome a particular bacterium, thus curing diseases that go with it, a new species of the same bacteria emerge that such antibiotic cannot overcome. As a follow up new antibiotics and stronger antibiotic are developed to combat the new species of resistant bacteria, sadly, the stronger the antibiotic, the greater the side effects.

As stated earlier, antibiotic are very destructive to the body. It cures one and creates ten for your body. One thing our scientist fail to realise is that nature abhor extinction of bacteria because of some specific function they have to perform in nature, in this regard they are aided by nature to develop super ability to developed resistance to new drugs.

The moment a particular species of particular species of bacteria is aided by nature, in this regard they are aided by nature to develop super ability to develop resistance to a particular drug, information as per how it was done is recorded in the universal memory of the universe, the species of that bacteria all over the world received this information and developed resistance to the same drugs.

Coconut oil is good for the bones. Coconut oil is tonic to healthy bones. We have seen already that coconut oil is a booster to digestion and assimilation of foods. Amino acids, calcium and magnesium are better absorbs in the presence of MCFAs than in their absence. For this reason, coconut oil is very useful for people suffering from calcium and magnesium deficiency as it aid absorption and retention of these minerals.

This is one of the reasons why infant and premature babies are fed with foods containing MCFAs, similarly people suffering from rickets and osteoporosis are treated with the same way. Those who feeds on foods prepared from coconut or drink coconut oil cannot suffer from these diseases, as their body aided to absorb these nutrients efficiently by the presence of MCFAs in their diet. Free radicals in our body such as oxygenation and hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Bones formation in our body is aided by dietary fats. Coconut oil and fresh coconut is able to influence and assist bones formation because of the presence of sterols which is a fat-like substance similar to in structure to pregnenolone which is a stuff our body manufacture from sterols to make hormones such as dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and progesterone.

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