Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

How to Detect and Prevent Diseases Via Acupressure

There are many ways and means of curing diseases, but the best cure is to empower the human battery to recharge the organs and endocrine glands. Every other thing being equal such as human body designer’s compliance diet, positive mental attitude, deep breathing, exercise work and rest, empowering the human battery to charge the organs and endocrine glands enhance the body’s ability to maintain a balance electromagnetic field and bio-electric energy flow  thus maximizing the performance of the body’s immune system and warding off all form of diseases.

How to Detect and Prevent Diseases Via Acupressure

Our body has a great capacity to prevent diseases as well as heal itself. In china,Japan and Korea, acupressure and acupuncture therapy have been officially recognized and is widely used in their hospitals. Many other countries have carried out research on these therapies and have confirmed it effectiveness. There are many acupressure experts spread all over the world that have successfully treated many patients by means of acupressure.

In Nigeria, only negligible number of the population have little knowledge of this wonderful natural means detecting, curing and prevention of diseases. This is why we do not have standard text book on this subject. One may ask why acupressure when we already have hospitals and doctors around to diagnose and administer drugs to our well being? The limitation of orthodox medicine are speedily coming to light.

It is now known that no drugs can maintain its effectiveness beyond five years, the moment a new drug is invented and administered, the related virus or bacteria soon goes to work and develop a system in its body to counter the effectiveness of the drug. The moment virus or bacteria develop immunity or resistance to any drug, the efficacy of such drug is ruled out.

There is no drug in this world without some accompanying side effects, when virus or bacteria develop resistance to drug, more powerful drugs are developed to destroy them. The more powerful a drug is, the more dangerous it side effects on humans.

Orthodox medicine does not take cognizant of the fact that it is the human body that work on the drugs to heal the body and not vice versa, if the body is weak and feeble, the drugs is useless for the body as it will not be able to withstand the intoxicating effect of the drug. There are many cases worldwide of people dying because of drug administration that are stronger than their body could withstand.

Orthodox medicine does not have effective preventive health care system, compared to acupressure that is very effective in terms of preventive health care. The prescription of different drugs for different ailment by orthodox medical system does not consider the human body as a unit; this does not augur well for the body. Whereas acupressure consider the body as one indivisible unit, no part of the body can remain healthy or unhealthy independent of the other.

This approach treat the patient not the diseases, the moment the resistance power of the body is restored all form of diseases will consequently disappear. It is for these reasons that we have to return to nature and natural health care system that is devoid of side effect and in support of the way the human body was designed to operate. Acupressure therapy is one of the best do it yourself preventive health care system.

All forms of diseases affliction are misfit in human life; as such it can be completely prevented provided that the resistance power of the body is strengthened. This can be achieved easily provided we feed the body with foods that are in compliance with the chemical and energy need of the body, do benefiting physical exercise, lead proper lifestyle and other things that are required to keep the body healthy based on its designed operation.

Sound health or lack of it is based on whether the electromagnetic field of energy in the body is balance or out of balance. Application of acupressure restores the unbalance electromagnetic field of energy in the body back to in normal balance state. If some specific point on the surface of the body and front and back of palm and sole are methodically pressed intermittently, the internal organs or glands corresponding to these points are immediately affected and the diseases or disorder will give way.

The world is tilting towards preventive health care; it is a well known fact that prevention is not only better than cure but cheaper. Any one who is frequently a victim of diseases affliction can never live long. Each time a person is grounded by serious ailment, on recovery everything in his body can never be the same as before the ailment, frequent repetition of such or other ailment, continuously get him closer to the grave.

This is why it is absolutely necessary to  go the way of nature through preventive health care. This will not only keep you healthy but will promote long life as well. In the next few years, with greater awareness, preventive healthcare will be about 92%, with only 8% being curative. Humanity will be greatly benefited as people will live long and render useful service to humanity. Read More Health Articles Here.

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