Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

How Bacterial Infections Can Cause Heart Diseases

There exist a strong relationship between bacteria infection and heart diseases, it has been confirmed through several research that some micro organisms are linked with the development of plaque in the arterial walls, which eventually leads to heart diseases.

How Bacterial Infections Can Cause Heart Diseases

A study carried out by Petra Saikku of University of Helsinki in Finland and her colleagues, found 27 out of 40 heart attack patients and 15 out of 30 men were with antibodies related to Chlamydia, this germ is commonly known to cause gum disease and lungs infection. Only 7 out of 41 with no heart disease were found to have such antibodies.

At Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, a similar research was carried out, 70% of the patients that had surgery for atherosclerosis carried antibodies to cytomegalovirus (CMV), while only 43% of the controls group did.

In several other research, bacteria was confirmed present in arterial plague. In general, the presence of antibodies does not necessarily means there is an active infection or the presence atherosclerosis, but it is an indication that infection had occurred at some time past. Some times infections micro organisms can persist indefinitely.

For example, once infected with Herpes, the virus remains for life. In this case, the effectiveness of the immune system is what determines the level of harm the virus can cause. If the immune system is weak, then the level of havoc released on the body can be fatal. But if the immune system is healthy, it will cause little or no harm.

When this micro organisms find their way into the blood stream they attack the arterial wall, creating chronic low grade infections whose symptoms may not be noticeable. With time this micro organisms form colony in the arterial wall and cause damage to the arterial cells. Blood Platelet, Cholesterol and protein gather to heal the wound, this set stage for plague formation and atherosclerosis. If action is not taken to get rid of the infection, plague continues to develop which later lead to growth of atherosclerosis which later trigger heart disease.

How to Prevent Heart Diseases

Apart from the use of MCFAs e.g coconut oil to destroy bacteria and virus, all forms of bacteria and virus causing problems for human can easily be destroyed with some simple but advance principles which are beyond the scope of this article. I have personally used these principles to help lots of people gain freedom from viral infections.

Other factors such as diabetes high blood pressure, free radicals can also cause injury to the arterial wall and trigger plague formation. It is not all infections that lead to plague formation; it is only when the immune system is weak that there is need for serious concern. In this regard, our immune system need serious care and anything that can lower our immune system efficiency such as lack of exercise, cigaretter smoking, free radicals, poor diet, serious illness, etc should be prevented by all means as they can be an open gate for atherosclerosis formation.

Some cases of heart attack may be treated with antibiotic, antibiotic is known to be effective against bacteria, what as found in coconut oil come to our rescue. MCFAs act like an acid to bacteria such as (Helicobacter Pylori and Chlamydia Pneumoniac) and virus such as (CMV) that are commonly associated with atherosclerosis. Coconut oil can effectively kill bacteria and virus that cause bladder infection, herpes, gum disease, influenza to mention but a few.

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