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Causes and Prevention of Eye Diseases and Visual Defects

There are many forms of eye diseases and or conditions that may lead to sight defects. We will not go into details analysis of eye diseases. All the same, it will be of benefit to you to remember that all diseases affliction are given rise to by the presence of toxic waste in the body which can be avoided by running your body in harmony with its designed operation.

Causes and Prevention of Eye Diseases and Visual Defects

The most common form of disturbance that leads to sight defects is the presence of solid opaque object in the humours of the eye. A more serious opaque formation is the one known as cataract which develops in the lens of the eye as a result of mechanical injury or dietary deficiencies.

Some people attribute old age as a contributory factor in the development of cataract. I do not quite agree with this because most of the so called age related diseases are nothing but the result of wrong food intake and lack of body care over the years that result in the build up of toxic waste in the body.

At a certain level beyond the body’s tolerant level, it begins to manifest as a diseases condition. This can be avoided by living on natural food and fresh fruits and vegetable juices as well as exercise and good bowel evacuation. Opacity of the cornea also causes obscured vision.

There are many forms of blindness for example day blindness or hemeralopia. This is caused by opacity of one or more of the ocular tissues. Night blindness or nyctalopia: this is caused by insufficient visual purple in the retina due to lack of Vitamin A. Colour blindness: this is caused by a defect in the retina or other nerves portions within the optic tracts. Amblyophobia: this is a condition in which there is weakness of vision without apparent structural damage to the eye. This may be due to toxic effects of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, which may be associated with uraemia or hysteria.

Millions of People around the world go blind because of visual problem. This is a very serious matter and need adequate attention. The problem with most people is the assumption that it cannot happen to them. In as much as it is good to have a positive frame of mind, backing this up with action is what should be practiced otherwise you are deceiving yourself.

Root Causes, Prevention & Treatment of Visual Defects

There are many causes of visual defects. However, leading a life that prevents toxicity in the body, couple with exercise of the body and eyes have been proved world wide to prevent all forms of eye defect.

Diet: The eye structure and operation is very complex and sensitive system. Rod and cone in the retina is about 125 million, about 1,125,000 fibers in the optic nerve. These microscopic structure require nutrient and cleanliness to preserve your good vision. Natural food including fruits and vegetable juices a d distilled water because of its ability to trap, dissolve and flush out inorganic minerals from the body and are what our eye needs to operate efficiently.

A clean state of the colon and the body free of toxic waste which can be achieved by means of hydrotherapy, colon irrigation or enemas is a must requirement. A good eye sight can be maintained all through life by cutting down intake of processes food, very cold edible things, fried food, coffee, tea, high meat intake, alcoholic beverages, saturated hydrogenated, or partially hydrogenated fat and oil.

Poor Digestion and Assimilation of Food: Poor digestion and assimilation usually lead to cataract and glaucoma which triggers serious visual defects. Many attribute this to old age, which is wrong. There are many wrong beliefs about old age is based on wrong assumption. This causes many people to live in fear as their age advances.

The truth is that if we do not feed and nurture our body properly, coupled with a lifestyle that aids our blood stream to run properly thus detoxifying our body, and keeping it free from toxic waste, we are bound to be inflicted with cataract and glaucoma as we advance in age, but because of wrong feeding and operation of the body due to lack of knowledge which leads to deposition of toxic waste in the body.

Hereditary: Children of Parent who suffer from one kind of eye defect or the other are most likely to suffer similar eye defect  if something is not done to prevent such occurrence. The truth is that all forms of hereditary diseases can be prevented. This shall be treated in subsequent articles. Even then, the role of hereditary in visual defect is controversial.

Sometimes visual defect are found to be present even at birth. It is absolutely necessary for couples to ensure that they are disease free before going into child bearing process. During pregnancy, expectant mothers should take adequate care of themselves and feed on natural food to ensure that the baby in the womb is properly nourished.

Eye strain: Some experts are of the view that eye strain lead to visual defects, while some belief that visual defect lead to eye strain. Both parties are correct in a way. Wrong and excessive use of the eye can give rise to eye strain Visual defect without correction can also lead to eye strain. All parts of the body are directly influenced and affected by the state of the mind. This is why mental tension sometimes lead to eye strain.

Other causes of Visual defects include: Frequent and excessive close work, Unprescribed use of glasses, lesser supply of electricity to the eyes, feeding on junk foods, shallow breathing, diabetes,etc.

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