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All About Gout Symptoms and Signs

Presence of increased quantities of even the naturally occurring chemicals in the body results in a disease. One such disease is gout. Medical condition that is characterized by increased levels of uric acid which gets deposited in tissues of the body is regarded as gout. The crystals are found more in joints resulting in inflammation. It is considered as a chronic disease which causes damage to the joints and even disturbs the excretory functions of kidney. This debilitating disease is observed more in men than women. It generally affects men after puberty and women after menopause.

Here is an overview of the symptoms and signs of the disease.

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Risk Factors of Gout

Few conditions increase the incidence of gout and generally precede the attack. They include

Increased intake of foods rich in uric acid.
Increased intake of alcohol.
Severe stress.
Latest surgeries
Fever and any injury to the joints.
Faily history of gout.
Increased exposure to lead.
Signs of Attack of Gout
Sudden onset of the disease
The disease starts all of sudden in a short span of 12-24 hours. It generally attacks when the person is resting over the night.

High fever
Onset of the disease is characterized by high fever and severe chills.

Quick relief
All the symptoms such as the painful joints, fever and chills disappear in just a day or two. They may even disappear in just few hours.

Symptoms of Gout

Swollen joints
This is the primary characteristic symptom of gout. The joints become red, swollen due to accumulation of uric acid crystals and will be very painful. It can involve any joint of the body such as knee joints, small joints in hand, ankle etc. However, the joint close to the big toe is frequently involved. The joint becomes so painful that even the touch of a bed sheet can be painful.

Recurring joint pains
The pain in joints does not remain for a long period and stops after a week or two. But, the same joint gets affected after few days. As time passes, multiple joints get affected and the pain continues to remain for more number of days.

Accumulation of uric acid crystals in various tissues
Apart from joints uric acid crystals get accumulated in various tissues such as the region behind the ankle, in the earlobe and in elbows. Crystals getting accumulated outside the joints are termed as tophi and are generally not painful like those seen in joints. These crystals can be removed using a small needle.

Tender skin around inflamed joints
Skin around the affected joints become red and tender. The patient complains of pain even with touching of the affected area.

Even after the pain subsides the joints remain uncomfortable for few days.
All these symptoms should be treated immediately without negligence. Timely and appropriate diagnosis of the disease at right time reduces the risk of complications and also treats the condition completely. Generally anti inflammatory non steroidal drugs are used to treat gout. Home remedies for gout too work perfectly for gout. However, consult the physician to confirm if you are suffering with gout and take their advice before using home remedies for gout.

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