Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

5 Best Ways to Get Rid of Spring Allergies

Every year it’s about 36 million Americans suffering from spring allergies that are caused due to abandon movement of pollens, ragweed or other airborne triggers for transmission

Dr. Paul R.Epstein, Associate Director, Harvard medical school states that ‘Hay fever’ is most common and typical allergy caused by the diffusion of pollen grains or ragweed from trees or grasses during the summer and fall season.

Holding on to your allergy is very important to keep yourself healthy and fit as global warming is changing the seasonal calendar strangely around the world. It is being noticed that summers usually arrive 12-14 days before from the usual time expected 20 years ago.

Clean up your environment and minimize all possible ways of letting in pollen or ragweed
Keep pollen and ragweed away from you as possible as you can. See for the weather forecast once you have plans of going out or to a dump place. See for the mold spore and ozone levels on American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology or Air Now.

Use Breathing mask when Traveling
When air index measures approximate 150 or so avoid stepping out of your homes and stay stick in to your rooms as the other basis for allergies being so uncontrolled is the pollution and smog added to the ozone layer and causing excessive particles of diesels in the environment.

In one of his studies Epstein stated that “Pollen grains hitch a ride on such particles that are carried deeper into the lungs where they easily get lodged inside”.

Try out with new  Cleansing Technique i.e. Sinus Cleansing
Try out the latest technique of cleansing for your sinus that for sure relieves you from the pain and agony of sinus and its nasty attacks. Flush your sinus with cleansing twice times a day. Nasal irrigation is now common amongst all asthma and sinus patients it is like a tea-pot with a long spout filled with salted water that run down through the nose with your head up and later when sink out of your nose will wash away all mucus and other dried snot out of your nasal track.

Keep your Diet free from Sugar, Fat and Cholesterol
Having oil free diet is sometimes awful as you cannot enjoy having snacks or your favorite hamburgers. But sticking to the diet free from oil is a natural remedy for skin glow and smoothness. Free radicals like are unwanted collagen breakdown that let you have wrinkles due to excessive oxygen molecules produced by such things as stress, pesticides and sun.

Keep your living Clean and Clear
Living in a clean atmosphere keeps you free from things like dust particles or unwanted particles that may cause you asthmatic attacks. If you are asthma or sinus patient do not keep pets. The pesticides residing on their skin or their furry skins may make your allergy severe.

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